Thursday, March 5, 2015

They remember...

So, throughout my day I have been thinking about what I was going to write about tonight. After thinking about it for a while I knew the perfect thing!

This year I stated my fifth year of teaching total, but my third year teaching at my current school. When I first started, I had mostly sophomores which are now seniors.  It is crazy how much they have grown and matured (well, most of them lol)! They often come by my classroom to visit me and at first I thought it was just to get out of class. Well, sometimes it is and sometimes they say they just miss being in my class. 

I find it rather ironic...this is the kid who always said I was too mean for not letting him play on his phone or the girl who used to roll her eyes at me when I got her in trouble for talking too loud. Sure I have those kids who were awesome in my class but it's the ones who I thought hated my class that I am surprised by.  

What surprises me the most is the things they remember! Not necessarily what they remember about the subject material, but things that happened in class and the little things I share about my life with them. At least once a day a former student comes and talks to me about Raider, or about how my favorite team is doing at the time.  Sometimes they will show up with my favorite Starbucks/Sonic drink, donut holes, or chocolate. It's like they know me so well! Lol! Many times they will ask about what I'm teaching that day and will remember something that happened when I taught the same thing when they were in my class.  

When this first started happening, I used to find it annoying.  Now I see it as an opportunity to "keep up" with my kids who I don't see as often as I used to.  I do have those students who probably stay a little longer than they should but I also have those that just wave through the window to say hi! However long or short the visit, I enjoy and cherish it! For some of thses students, this will be the last year I see them roaming these halls. For others, they still have a few years. Either way, I will always be amazed at the things they remember. 

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️

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  1. I'm in my 22nd year in my building. I love it when former students come back and visit. Several of them are teachers now. One of them plays with the Kennedy Center orchestra in Washington DC. Several others are in med school. Some are still in high school. I never tire of seeing all of the amazing things so many of them go on to do, and my heart still breaks when things don't go as well. Loved your post today. Thank you for helping me to pause and remember "my" kids.