Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday naps...

Ever since I can remember, Sunday was always family nap day.  First we would all go to church, then have a big meal. It was always understood that after lunch we would sit around and watch a movie, but during the movie we all ended up falling asleep.  It was the most relaxing time of the week! There were times where we had birthday parties or wedding/baby showers to go to but for the most part, this is how our Sunday's were spent. 

As I grew older, I decided to keep the "tradition" going. College was a little harder, but I learned not to leave my homework to Sunday's because when the homework was done I was able to nap!  After college, my routine of napping was much easier.  I usually have lunch with some friends after church and then me and Raider cuddle up on the couch for our nap :) I'm pretty sure he enjoys it just as much as I do! Lol! 

Even after the busiest of weeks I always have something to look forward Sunday naps. 

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️


  1. I'm reading this as my pup naps beside me and I am wishing for a nap. I love Sunday naps.

  2. It seems to be an "un"planned event in our house. They just feel so rejuvenating!

  3. I am a firm believer in naps; in fact, I take one almost every day after school. Even if it's just 30 minutes, I feel better equipped to cook dinner and drive the Mom taxi after.

  4. Love naps!! Wish I had one every Sunday like you!