Monday, March 9, 2015

Migraines and Monday...

All I have to say is Monday, you have not been kind to me...

Also, it would be great if my migraine went away...

Hope everyone else had a better Monday!! I still have an NHS induction ceremony to go least they will have cookies after 😊! Four days until spring break!!

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️


  1. You've said a lot with a few words and visuals. Hope you feel better soon. It's great that you have spring break coming up next week!

  2. And you blogged even in the middle of all that? You're my new role model for stamina! Hang in there!!

  3. Thanks for the laugh. Jealous about your spring break! Enjoy the time off - you've earned a break!

  4. Love the visuals. I've never thought of doing that as part of my slice, but they definitely convey a story. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Feel better! My Monday work day ended with a headache as well, though thankfully not a migraine.