Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Complete opposite of yesterday...

Today was GREAT!!!

I slept well

Woke up early

Played some trashketball in class

Got most of my copies done

Introduced my students to one of my favorite singers, Selena

Got to listen to some amazing thunder outside

And I still have bible study to look forward to 😊

What a wonderful way to end my March!

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️

Monday, March 30, 2015

Boy was it a Monday....


I only slept about four hours last night

I administered a five hour long end of course English I exam

I've had a headache since about 3:00 that just won't seem to go away

I had to do the laundry that I failed to do this weekend

I didn't get to go workout like I had planned

And I'm now in bed ready for some much needed sleep!

Good night!

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️

Sunday, March 29, 2015



I'm happy!!!

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The end of a season...

As I write this post I am watching my second college basketball game of the day.  It is the elite eight round and my team, Duke, is still in!! *happy dance* They, however don't play until tomorrow.  That will be the game deciding whether they make it to the final four and they eventually (hopefully) the championship game! 

This all makes me very excited and sad at the same time.  You see, for the past few months I have looked forward to watching pretty much any college basketball game I could find! What am I going to do with no college basketball :/  I know it sounds crazy, but I go through the same thing when college football ends.  

I usually count down the days until these two sports start up again.  I also like baseball, but it doesn't quite grab my attention as much as football and basketball.  For instance, this morning I knew the Texas Tech spring game was being held.  I wasn't able to go watch it live but you can bet I was watching it in my pajamas this morning!  I get such a rush out of the competition and it makes me excited for the upcoming season! 

This got me to thinking about the "seasons" we have in school.  We have the yay first of the year, the only a few more weeks until Christmas, the how long until spring break, and then the countdown to summer.  After a long year there is nothing I look more forward to then the countdown to summer.  This is the time of year when students are always crazy busy, testing takes over schools, and teachers are just trying to survive until the end of the week for a rest on the weekend. 

This would also be the point in the "season" where we know our sport is getting ready to end.  Just as with sports, this is a bitter sweet time for me.  I'm excited for a nice break but also sad to say bye to the seniors I have know since they were sophomores.  Next year will be even harder because I would have know them from the time they were freshman.  I know they will be gradiating and winning that "championship" which is great but at the same time, the following year they won't be walking the halls they have come to know over the past four years...

Getting to see my team win a championship is amazing but my proudest moment is watching my kids walk across that stage.  Not only that, but continuing to keep up with them as they grow and make their dreams come true!  The exciting things about seasons is that although there is an end, there will always be another beginning... 

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️

Friday, March 27, 2015


This about sums it up...

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Busy but blessed...

Today has been a great day!!! Although I have been busy, I am still able to meet up at a friend's house for some dinner.  Tomorrow, however, is a different story...

My day will start off with some Starbucks...I only get it on Friday's because if not I will go broke lol.  I will then arrive at school at around 7 am.  I will have morning duty until 7:45 and then I will meet with the other Spanish teachers to discuss how our classes are going.  From 8:30 to 3:35 will be teaching as usual.  

At 3:35 I will shoo my kids out the door and fight the crowds of high school students to go to the front of the school to sell prom tickets...I'm BEYOND ready for prom to be over (yay for being a prom sponsor).  Around 4:00 I will head out to the track to watch a track meet where many of my students will be competing.  I love going to track meets so I don't mind this at all :) 

After the track meet, or during depends on the time, I will head over to the baseball fields to watch some of my students play.  This will be the first game I get to watch all year so I am very excited about this as well!!

I usually don't get to stay after school this long because of Raider.  I'm usually rushing home to let him out after a long day all alone at home.  What he doesn't know is that my parents will be coming over to help with my lawn.  They will be arriving at my house Friday afternoon so Raider will have some good grandparent time before I get home.  I'm pretty sure he loves them more than he loves me! 

Although it will be a very busy day, I am excited to be able to support my students.  I have learned that if I am there to support them when they are doing something they love, they return the favor.  Plus, who wouldn't enjoy a warm spring day spent outside watching a track meet or some baseball.  I will, however, be sleeping very well tomorrow night! 

P.S.  Expect my post tomorrow to be a little short because when I get home I will probably exhausted lol!

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Best dog ever...

Dear Raider,

I just wanted to day thank you for being the best dog ever!! You patiently wait for me everyday and always act so excited when I arrive.  Even when I'm having a bad day, you sit right next to me and cuddle as if to say everything is going to be ok! You are so incredibly full of life and I love watching you run free in the yard.

You are definitely one of the weirdest dogs I know! What other dog loves wearing clothes and getting dried off by the blow dryer??? As I get ready in the morning you eagerly await while I finish blow drying my hair so that I can blow dry you a bit. You are just as patient waiting for your sweaters to get out of the dryer. Once I pull them out you are already jumping to get them on.

I can't imagine my life without you and I thank God for blessing me with you! You are my protector, my best friend, and most of all the best dog a girl could ever ask for!

Lots of love, a teacher and her pup ❤️